superflu(id)ity @ PSi#23

superfluidity: P+Dwg @ PSi23_Hamburg_2
Design is too often considered superfluous to performances – aesthetic, technological and everyday – and yet, as a sensorially orchestrated phenomena, such invention can make discursively manifest the varying excesses of our time.  As cups’ excess runneth over, the superfluous-as-design performs its superfluidity; overflowing the edges and slipping between the cracks to expose fissures and faults as possibilities; forcing open new spaces.  In greeting this abundance with high-water boots, we asked how conditions of super-flu(id)ity in the social, political, environmental and/or other realms permeate our theorizing and practicing of performance design.
A dozen responses to the performance+design working group’s call were selected, and these designers, theorists, pedagogues and provocateurs will share manifestos + manifestations of their research and projects in the curated Superflu(id)ity session the first day of the PSI#23 conference in Hamburg.
Convened by Beth Weinstein and Dorita Hannah, presenters include Stephen Bain, Hadi Damien, Jasper Delbecke, Vanessa Gerotto and Laure Krayenbuhl, Shauna Janssen and Jo Paterson Kinniburgh, Gabriele Kuzabviciute and Bianca Manuel, Merav Perez, and Connie Svabo, Anja Malou Strandvad and Anja Mølle Lindelof. We will also show submissions by Mark Harvey, Ana Martinez, Jon McKenzie, and Xristina Penna.
These provocations will form the basis of a moderated dialogue regarding the future of design practices in performance, and will be followed, in the afternoon by an open, working group meeting (June 8, 14:15-15:15 in 6A), to which all are welcome.
We invite all interested in the intersection of performance + design to attend the curated Superflu(id)ity session (10:00 June 8, in 6A) and participate in the open performance+design working group meeting (June 8, 14:15-15:15 in 6A) in which we will discuss future projects, alliances and events.
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