Superflu(id)ity: CFP

superfluidity: P+Dwg @ PSi23_Hamburg_2
Design is too often considered superfluous to performances – aesthetic, technological and everyday – and yet, as a sensorially orchestrated phenomena, such inventions can make discursively manifest the varying excesses of our time.  As cups’ excess runneth over, the superfluous performs its superfluidity; overflowing the edges, slipping between the cracks, like water, that infiltrates fissures, it forces open new spaces.  In greeting this abundance with high-water boots, how are conditions of super-flu(id)ity in the social, political, environmental and/or other realms permeating our theorizing and practicing of performance design?
The PSi performance+design working group seeks manifestos + manifestations to be shared at a gathering of abundant research and projects during the PSI#23 conference in Hamburg.
Presentations will be limited to 3 minutes, and may include a single image or video, physical objects or actions. These provocations will form the basis of a dialogue regarding the future of design practices in performance.
We encourage contributions from
artists, architects, designers, theorists and performers.
Deadline for Submission: March 20th, 2017
Responses: April 17th, 2017
submissions should include:
  • name and affiliation
  • presentation title and statement (50 words maximum)
  • single image
  • bio (max 50 words)
Please send submissions in pdf format to:
Dorita Hannah and Beth Weinstein with SUPERFLU(ID)ITY in the subject line.
A maximum of twelve submissions will be selected through a peer-review process.
All are welcome to attend the event during the PSi conference.
the PSi_P+DWG event at PSi#23: Overflow (Hamburg, Germany: June 8-11, 2017)